BNG Enterprises MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) Policy

Effective January 1, 2017


To protect the investment of re-sellers who provide valuable education, sales assistance, and product support to their customers, BNG Enterprises, Inc. (“BNG”) has unilaterally adopted a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy which shall apply to retailers, including catalog and internet retailers (“Re-Sellers”). Please note that this MAP policy applies to advertising only and in no way limits the right of any Re-Seller to set their own prices. In addition, this policy is disseminated for informational purposes only and should not be considered a binding agreement between BNG and Re-Sellers.

Official Policy and Guidelines:

1. This MAP Policy shall apply to all the products listed in the attached Exhibit A (“MAP Products”).

2. BNG will maintain a list of MAP Products at the web address BNG reserves the right to update or modify this list at any time.

3. BNG recognizes that any authorized Re-Seller can make its own decisions to advertise and sell any BNG product at any price it chooses without consulting or advising BNG. BNG similarly has the right to make its own independent decisions regarding product allocations.

4. Listing a price lower than the MAP product's price set forth in Exhibit A will be a violation of this MAP policy. This MAP policy applies to all advertisement of MAP products in any and all media, including but not limited to flyers, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, mail order catalogs, internet or similar electronic media including Amazon, websites, forums, email newsletters, email solicitations, television, radio and public signage. Such website features as “Click for price” or automated price display for any items prior to being placed in a customer’s shopping cart, and other similar features are considered to be communications initiated by the Re-Seller (rather than by the customer) and this constitutes “advertising” under this MAP Policy.

5. If BNG determines that any Re-Seller is not complying with this MAP policy, BNG reserves the right to impose sanctions in its sole discretion. The first violation of this MAP policy shall result in no shipments of applicable product(s) for a thirty (30) day period. The second violation of this MAP policy shall result in no shipments of any BNG products for a sixty (60) day period. A third violation of this MAP policy shall result in the termination of all BNG product shipments. BNG further reserves the right to pursue any legal remedies it may possess under applicable law.

6. It shall not be a violation of this MAP policy to advertise in general that the Re-Seller has “the lowest prices” or will match or beat its competitors’ prices, or to use similar phrases; so long as the Re-Seller does not include any advertised price below the MAP product's price and otherwise complies with this MAP policy.

7. From time to time, BNG may offer a Factory Direct Consumer Rebate. In such cases, it shall not be a violation of this MAP policy to advertise the availability of the manufacturer’s rebate.

8. It shall not be a violation of this MAP policy to advertise that a customer may “call for price” or “email for price,” or to use similar language, specifically with respect to BNG products, so long as no price is listed.

9. If a Re-Seller with multiple store locations violates this MAP policy at any particular store location, BNG will consider this to be a violation by all of Re-Seller’s locations.

10. BNG’s sales representatives are NOT permitted to modify, waive, or in any way amend this MAP policy or make any agreements or assurances with respect to BNG’s policy regarding Re-Seller advertising or pricing. This also includes any consumer promotion that affects MAP products.



BNG Enterprises MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) Policy


Code Description MSRP MAP UPC
QCLCAN62 Q Carbo Liquid - 16oz Cranapple (N) $32.25 $20.96 742961012189
QCLCRN62 Q Carbo Liquid - 16oz Cranberry (N) $32.25 $20.96 742961012196
QCLGN62 Q Carbo Liquid - 16oz Grape (N) $32.25 $20.96 742961012271
QCLON62 Q Carbo Liquid - 16oz Orange (N) $32.25 $20.96 742961012165
QCLTN62 Q Carbo Liquid - 16oz Tropical (N) $32.25 $20.96 742961012233
QCLSMN62 Q Carbo Liquid - 16oz Strawberry Mango (N) $32.25 $20.96 742961012172
QCLARD16T2 Total Eclipse Rely - 16oz Tropical $32.25 $20.96 794504574715
QCLARD16O2 Total Eclipse Rely - 16oz Orange $32.25 $20.96 794504574913
QCLARD16G2 Total Eclipse Rely - 16oz Grape $32.25 $20.96 794504574814
HCRC20CR2 QCarbo Clear 20 - Cran Raspberry 20oz $38.25 $24.86 019962555145
HCRC20LL2 QCarbo Clear 20 - Lemon Line 20oz $38.25 $24.86 019962555244
HCRC20SM2 Qcarbo Clear 20 - Strawberry Mango 20oz $38.25 $24.86 019962555343
QCL32GN2 Q Carbo Grape 32oz (N) $42.99 $27.94 742961012295
QCL32TN2 Q Carbo Tropical 32oz (N) $42.99 $27.94 742961012202
QCLAAD32G2 Total Eclipse Assure 32oz - Grape $42.99 $27.94 794504574517
QCLAAD32SM2 Total Eclipse Assure 32oz - Strawberry Mango $42.99 $27.94 794504574616
QCLAAD32T2 Total Eclipse Assure 32oz - Tropical $42.99 $27.94 794504574418
QCLUE32 Ultra Eliminex 32oz $79.99 $55.00 019962555046
HCPDETOXN Premium Detox (N) $37.25 $30.00 742961012127
HCPTX1002 HC PreTox 100ct $18.75 $15.00 742961012318
QTABN2 Q Tabs (N) $20.75 $15.00 742961012226
SQC-N2 Super Q Caps 4ct (N) $25.99 $17.50 742961012301
QCHTN2 Q Chews (N) $20.75 $15.00 742961012288
NMLT2 Teas - Lemon $20.75 $15.00 742961012141
AAFFIR2 Total Eclipse Capsules 4 ct $25.99 $16.59 794504575118
ADEFIN2 Total Eclipse Definite 1oz + 4 Capsules $31.25 $20.31 794504575019
SSGT32 Simply Slender Master Cleanse $37.25 $24.21 742961040175
BRST Miracle Breast $27.99 $22.00 742961060005
HGW90 Horny Goat Weed 90ct $18.25 $15.00 742961030152
HGW2OZN Horny Goat Weed Spray 2oz $14.99 $12.00 742961030169
EMUO2 Emu Oil 2oz 100% Pure $27.55 $22.00 742961030282
EMUC4 Emu Oil Cream 4oz $21.35 $16.00 742961030275
UBLU Ultra Blue Topical Analgesic Gel 4oz Jar $17.10 $13.00 742961030206
UBLU2OZ Ultra Blue Topical Analgesic Gel 2oz Jar $10.25 $8.00 742961030213
UBLU-TUBE Ultra Blue Topical Analgesic Gel 4oz Tube $17.10 $13.00 019962366932
GWC4 Gripe Water 4oz $13.25 $10.00 748252308412
GCBABY4 Baby ZZZs 4oz $13.25 $10.00 748252308313
QCLEDC20BAP Erase Detox 20 oz Blueberry/Pomegranite/Acai $48.25 $31.36 748252308214
QCLEDC20T Erase Detox Tropical 20 oz $48.25 $31.36 748252308115
SSCC12 Simply Slender Charcoal Lemonade $17.99 $10.80 661708305158

****The only valid UPC's available to be sold to through and other online Marketplaces. If you are selling a UPC that is not listed, you are considered to be infringing on this policy by selling expired goods or discontinued items.